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Rapid, constant improvements.

With the Macro Bullet, good enough is not great enough. We're constantly enhancing the Macro Bullet with improvements that helps every trade have a higher probability of success. 

Multiple Exchange Support

Futures, NYSE, LSE and ASX is now supported.

The Macro Bullet time range is available appear for specific exchanges (3 for Futures, 2 for exchanges).

Macro Information

Automatic Macro Time Display

Each Macro Bullet time range in the day will automatically appear on the TradingView chart. It will clear every new day, however the Bar Replay option in Trading View can be used to show previous Macro Bullet times.

PSAR Option Added

The PSAR (Parabolic SAR, Stop and Reverse) is a technical analysis indicator to determine the direction of a market's momentum and potential reversal points. It is depicted as dots placed either above or below an asset's price on a chart, indicating bullish or bearish movements respectively.
Macro Information

Macro Price Levels

Suggested Profit Targets (T1 and T2), 50% Fibonacci Level (CE), and Stop Loss (SL) price levels now display on price chart.

2 or 4 Decimal Pricing

Support for 4 decimal places has been added. Prices can now display either 2 or 4 decimal places.

4 decimal places are typically used for FOREX pairs.

The Macro Bullet

Helping Traders get Funded

The Macro Bullet has helped many traders get funded on various Prop Firms.
The Macro Bullet

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