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The Macro Bullet

How It Works

A guide on the Macro Bullet, explaining its features, methods, and how to use it to enhance your trading strategy.
The Macro Bullet

Getting Started

Basic details of the Macro Bullet.
Getting Started

Adding to TradingView

To add the Macro Bullet indicator to TradingView, make sure you requested an invite to the Macro Bullet through this link here: Macro Bullet - Request Access

Once confirmed, follow the steps below:

  1. Open TradingView
  2. Click on Indicators
  3. Click on Invite-Only Scripts
  4. Star and click on Macro Bullet
Getting Started

Adjusting Timezone

By default, all Macro Bullet time ranges are based on EST (UTC-5). Updating the Timezone (UTC) in the indicator settings, will apply the correct time of when the Macro Bullet time range will appear during your local time / region.

To adjust the timezone setting,

  1. Click on the Settings icon for the Macro Bullet indicator
  2. Select your local timezone through the Timezone (UTC) dropdown

You may need to toggle on/off the Adjust Trading Session (Shift Back 1 Hour) if the Macro Bullet time range is appearing 1 hour before/after the specific time mentioned in the Macro Bullet box.

Getting Started

Macro Box Display

The Macro Box, displays the Macro Bullet's suggested bias, entry target prices and stop losses. It can be placed in various locations on the chart, including the Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, or directly on the Price Chart.

To adjust the Macro Box location setting,

  1. Click on the Settings icon for the Macro Bullet indicator
  2. Select your preferred Macro Box location through the Macro Box dropdown
Getting Started

Market Times / UTC Settings

TradingView does not automatically sync time-based indicators on their trading charts. Specific settings for the Macro Bullet must be adjusted manually.

Macro Bullet Default Settings
Exchange: Futures
Timezone (UTC): -04
Shift Hour Setting: -01 Hour Backwards

If you are trading ASX, FSE, LSE or NYSE please adjust your indicator settings.

The Macro Bullet

Optimal Trade Entries

The Macro Bullet may present different types of Optimal Trade Entries, with high-probability success rates of the trade.
Optimal Trade Entries

Fair Value Gap

A high-probability trade entry that can appear during the Macro Bullet's time range.

What is a Fair Value Gap?
Fair Value Gaps (FVGs) is a concept termed by ICT. One way to identify a FVG, is by a consecutive 3-candle pattern where the body of the middle candle, is in between the wicks of the first and third candle.

When should I enter the position?
Typically, when the price retraces back into the FVG, look for an Optimal Trade Entry (OTE) at the 50% level of the second body's candle.

Macro Bullet Notes:
Fair Value Gaps can appear during the Macro Bullet's time range. In this case, it is okay to enter a position before the Macro Bullet's time range is complete.

Optimal Trade Entries

Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick patterns are a form of technical analysis used to predict future market movements based on past price actions. Patterns formed by these candlesticks can indicate potential reversals or continuations in the market.

A "Hammer" suggests a bullish reversal after a downtrend, indicating rejection of lower prices.

A "Shooting Star" signals a bearish reversal during an uptrend, showing rejection of higher prices.

Optimal Trade Entries


The ideal entries for the Macro Bullet is usually at retracements after the open of the 10:15 AM EST candle. Retracements back to a Fib Level, the 50% of the Macro Bullet's price range or at a discounted level are ideal.

When should I enter the position?
A retracement after the Macro Bullet's time range, 10:15 AM EST. Ideally at the 50% Fib level, or at a discounted Fib level.

Macro Bullet Notes:
Just remember, not all entries are good entries. Similarly, not everyday will provide a winning trade. We suggest to wait for a retracement where you are comfortable to enter. Move the trailing stop to at least break even to protect your downside once profitable. Don't force the trade to happen.

The Macro Bullet

Helping Traders get Funded

The Macro Bullet has helped many traders get funded on various Prop Firms.
The Macro Bullet

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The Macro Bullet

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